Lale Sayoko with Zikrayat

Zikrayat Live - with Lale Sayoko

P.U.R.E Reflections Documentary

Live Performance and interviews with Lale Sayoko, Kaeshi Chai, Pacita Prasarn, Carol Henning, P.U.R.E. Tokyo and P.U.R.E. Grove members - live in Tokyo, Japan

One Thousand Passions - New York City

Là‚le Sayoko performs for a full house at the Sullivan Room, NYC @ Jerry Bezdikian presents: One Thousand Passions - Japanese Belly Dance
Improvisation performance with live band led by Jerry Bezdikian

Baba Zula Rocks in Memphis , Lale Sayoko

BaBa Zula live with dancer Lale Sayoko in Memphis, USA for Memphis in May festival

Rakkasah East 2006

Drum Solo at the Cupping Room Cafe, NY

Samanyolu 2003 Bellydance